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CoolAir M.D. Maintenance agreements when u search for ac repair near me

HVAC Maintenance

 Discover the benefits of regular maintenance and how it can enhance your indoor Comfort, Performance, and Peace of Mind in the scorching Florida heat by getting annual HVAC maintenance. Our Certified Technicians Specialize in keeping your HVAC system running efficiently year-round. 

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fungus coming out of Drainline

Drain Line Flush

We'll vacuum out your drain-line and ensure no buildup occurs. Making sure condensation water from your inside unit can freely drain outside, preventing messy problems in the future!

Filter Example

Filter Check

How often you need to change the filters inside your home varies on number of occupants, and pets. But a good rule to follow is to at least check your filter once per month. We'll check your filter and replace it if needed.

Dirty Evaporator coil from smoking pre cleaning from CoolAir M.D. Air Conditioning

Evaporator Coil Cleaning

We'll clean and disinfect your evaporator coil inside your air-handler. Over time it can build up with dust particles, pet dander, and bacteria; blocking airflow and decreasing air quality.

yellow jacket HVAC gauges used by #coolairmd to properly ck your refrigerant levels during a maintenance visit

Refrigerant Check

We'll hook up our gauges to your system and make sure your pressure levels and refrigerant levels are where they should be and fill you up if you are a little low.

Tempstar Condenser just installed by CoolAir M.D. air conditioning

Condenser Coil Cleaning

The unit outside the house can have its coils clogged up with dirt and debris from lawn maintenance over time. We will Wash your coil to insure its able to disperse heat properly, increasing efficiency.

this image shows you the way CoolAir M.D. Air Conditioning looks at the indoor air quality when we ac repair your home

Air Quality Check

We'll test your air pressure to ensure the proper amount of air is being conditioned inside your home, as well as checking the temperature coming from your vents.


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