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While northern climates often require a Furnace to keep a house warm and cozy in the deep winters, Florida residents rely on Heat Pumps as a solution to deal with the cold fronts that come through. 



A heat pump is an extra component within an air conditioning system that reverses the flow of refrigerant whenever you turn the heat on. With a heat pump, the heat that is usually removed from the house when the ac is on is used to heat the house instead. 

When the A/C is set to on, the condenser unit outside the house removes heat from inside the house, you can feel this effect happening by placing your hand over the fan on the outside unit; it should feel warm to the touch.


However when you turn the heat on, the opposite effect takes place and the air being dispersed will feel cold instead of warm. This is because the refrigerant flow has been reversed by the reversing valve and the unit is working to keep the air inside your house warm while removing the cold.

Heat Pump heat exchange diagram image showing u how a heat pump does its thing in the winter monthes


  • What does auxiliary heat mean?

Auxiliary (AUX) heat means that the backup electric strip heater inside your air handler is running with the heat pump if thermostat set temperature is 2+ degrees higher than room temperature or your heat pump is going through its defrost cycle. 

  • Why does my heat pump sometimes make a loud noise?

This noise is usually common in the evenings or early in the mornings with heat pump systems. That noise is the heat pumps defrost cycle. This means that a circuit board has turned off the outside fan to heat up the refrigerant to thaw itself out. The compressor is noisy when it runs without the fan, this is why it makes such a loud noise.

  • How often does my heating system need to be serviced?

If you don't get your system checked in the Spring or the Summer, then be sure to get it maintained in the Fall or Winter. We recommend a check up maintenance once per year. If you've had construction done or any issue with mold, then have your heating coils checked for debris before starting for the first time. If you set your house for higher than 74 degrees regularly, then we recommend getting your heating system checked because it will wear down certain heating components with more usage.

  • Why do I get a burning smell when I turn the heat on?

If you're turning the heater on for the first time in awhile the dust and dander from running the a/c all summer that collects on your aux heat kit burns off the first time its turned on. If smell lasts longer than 5-10 minutes or you see smoke, call us immediately for an emergency checkup!

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We offer competitive pricing for all of our customers but a special 10% discount for all services will be offered to:

  •  Law Enforcement & Corrections 

  •  Fire Rescue 

  •  Veterans 

  •  Seniors 

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We frequently service the following areas:

  • Brooksville

  • Spring Hill

  • Brookridge

  • North Weeki Wachee

  • Homosassa Springs

  • Hernando

  • Citrus Hills

  • Beverly Hills

  • Pine Ridge

  • Citrus Springs

  • The Villages

  • Lecanto

  • Floral City

  • Sugarmill Woods

  • Timber Pines

  • Timber Oaks

  • Shady Hills

  • Hudson

  • Bayonet Point

  • Jasmine Estates

  • Heritage Pines

  • Heritage Springs

  • Beacon Woods

and the surrounding areas...

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